How to appoint a new Invoicing Party in .MY Domain Registry (MYNIC)?

Below is a step by step guide on how to appoint a new Invoicing Party for the .MY Domain Registry (MYNIC). Step 1: Log on to   Step 2: Enter your Administration Contact Username and Password Step 3: Enter your Administration Contact Username and Password Step 4: Locate Domain Name and click on Modify Domain


How many years can I register a domain for? The term of registration is 1-10 years. My domain is expiring and I want to renew it. How long can the domain be renewed for? The term of renewal is 1-10 years. How long does it takes for an expired domain to work again after renewal?

How to combine domain under

1)   Login to the using your domain login :- 2)   After successfully login, click at your domain same like the pic below :- 3)   After that, click the ‘Transfer of User ID‘. 4)   Fill up the ‘User ID‘ and ‘Password‘. Then click button ‘Submit‘. 5)   Do the same things from step 1 until 4

How can I transfer domain names to IPSERVERONE?

In order to have your domain name changed/transferred to the IPSERVERONE name servers, you will need to login into your registrar’s control panel and make changes to your name server field. For example, if you bought you domain name with MYNIC, you may follow the below guide to change the Nameserver to below:

How to Add DNS Domain in VestaCP

Step 1: Click the DNS tab in VestaCP, then click the green “+” to add a DNS domain into your control panel. Step 2: Type in the domain and the corresponding IP address that you want to manage using VestaCP. Click “Add” after completing the form.

How to Add Mail Domains in VestaCP

1. Click the MAIL tab in VestaCP, then click ADD MAIL DOMAIN to add a mail domain to your control panel. 2. Input the details of  the mail domain that you want to add. Click Add to confirm input. For further instructions on how to add email accounts, please click this link: