How to change ‘da_admin’ User Password in MySQL

Login to mysql server using current da_admin include the following commands in the shell prompt: 1. Use mysql database(type command at mysql> prompt):          mysql> use mysql; 2.  Change password for user da_admin, enter:          mysql> update user set password=PASSWORD(“NEWPASSWD”) where User=’da_admin’; 3. Finally, reload the privileges with: mysql> flush privileges; mysql> quit; 4. DirectAdmin

How to enable remote access to MySQL database?

MySQL is a popular choice of database for using in web applications and is a central component of the widely used LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl / PHP / Python) web application software stack. Here is a step by step guide to allow remote access to MySQL database via DirectAdmin. Step 1: Login to your

Exporting and Importing Database Dumps in Plesk 12.5

A database dump is a file containing a database structure and content. You can use it for backup purposes. In earlier Plesk versions, dumps could be created only using database management tools. Now Plesk offers a quicker way to create database dumps, store them, and deploy previously created dumps on the server. In Plesk, to

How To Create New Database In Plesk

You can manually create a new database in Plesk by following the steps below. Step 1 – Login into Plesk10 Step 2 – Click on “Databases”.   Step 3 – Click on “Add New Database”.. Step 4 – Depending on the web application you are going to use, select the type of database you need.