How To Manage VMware Client Servers

VMware is one of the virtualization server host, where you can manage it easily with it’s vSphere Client software. Step 1 -You must first know your web server’s VMware version in order to download the compatible vSphere client software. You can check the version by opening VMware host IP address in your browser.

How to Login to Your Linux Instance via SSH

Overview This tutorial will guide you through on how to access your Linux Instance via SSH client and your private key.   Prerequisite Downloaded the private key when you launch your first Instance. Note: If you used your own key-pair during Instance creation, please use the same private key for this tutorial. (Optional) Have PuTTY

How to view e-mail message headers in Outlook 2010

About message headers After you compose a message and send it, the message is processed by the e-mail server at your Internet service provider (ISP). If the message is for someone who does not have a mailbox on your e-mail server, the server forwards the message to another e-mail server. The message is forwarded from

How to login to your FiDrive

Upon the successful purchase of FiDrive with IP ServerOne, you will receive login information containing your FiDrive Login URL, Username, and Password. Please do not reveal your username and password as this user contains administrator privileges. Click on your FiDrive Login URL and you will be brought to this page below. After logging in, you

Identify Potential Attack in Linux Server

Introduction If you feel server going slow response or suddenly a command taking a lot of resources, this can be an attack toward your server. This guidance below will show the step for you identify if there are attacks happening in server.   Prerequisite Root SSH access to server Knowledge on Linux command line  

How To SSH Into Your Cloud

In this tutorial, we will teach you the most important step you NEED and MUST learn in order to access your cloud server. As it is an unmanaged hosting plan, there is only one way to access your server, which is via SSH. Using Windows Platform Step 1 – Download Putty from here and install the program.

How to Check Your Site Uptime and Performance

Wondering how is your website performing? Here is a list of tools that can help you to check your website uptime and performance. 1. This is a free online tool to track and check your site uptime and performance from all over the world. This free tool is available at On top of

How to Add WWW to Your Website Using .htaccess?

Introduction Certain websites have www displayed in their URL, and some do not. It makes no real difference whether you choose to add www in front of your website, or not, aside from cosmetic reasons. This guidance will go through the step of configuration.   Prerequisites SSH access to server Knowledge on Linux command