Emails Disappearing in Outlook: Junk Filtering

Sometimes, after reading an email in Outlook, you may find that the email disappears. This is likely caused by the spam filter in Outlook moving emails to the junk folder. If you don’t have a junk folder, it’s because it’s not subscribe to by default. Turning off junk filtering will resolve this issue. The guides

How To Setup Outlook 2013 with POP3 and SSL

This tutorial covers how to set up your email account in Microsoft Outlook 2013 if your domain is secured with an SSL. The email protocol covered in this guide is POP3, which stores emails in the mail server and deletes the emails once it has been downloaded into the user’s PC using Outlook. The settings

Difference Between IMAP And POP3 Email Accounts

IMAP and POP3 are two main types of email accounts commonly used on the internet. Average users do not understand the difference between the two and we are here to help you understand the difference.   IMAP IMAP protocol is suitable if you are planning to use multiple devices to view emails from one email

How to Downgrade PHP 5.3 to PHP 5.2 on DirectAdmin

Following is the instructions to downgrade your Dedicated Server’s PHP from version 5.2 to 5.3 on DirectAdmin platform: Step 1: ssh to the server Step 2: Enter the following commands: cd /usr/local/DirectAdmin/custombuild ./build set php5_ver 5.2 ./build update ./build php n services httpd restart Once it’s done, you can check the current PHP version with

How to Top-up Credit on the Cloud Platform

IPServerOne provides Cloud Hosting with a credit top-up system, allowing you to spend based on your needs; to get started, you are required to Top Up your Cloud Platform. 1. To start off, login to your Customer Portal. 2. Click on New Order. 3. Navigate and click on Cloud Platform Credit Top Up. 4. Select

How to solve “Reported Attack Site!”?

What is “Reported Attack Site”? If you see this on your website, it means your website has been compromised and flagged by Google as a phishing or malware site.   There are two main reasons as to how your website can be compromised: The computer you are using to upload files to your website has

How To Fix “IP Address Has Changed!” Error in cPanel

There are two possibilities why you would receive the error message “IP address has changed” from cPanel. 1) Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has a short DHCP lease time, causing your IP address to be renewed/released and reassigned while you are logged into cPanel. 2) You are attempting to login into cPanel using the same

How to Create Email Accounts in Zimbra

The creation of new email accounts in Zimbra can be done easily through SSH.   Step 1: This will create a normal user account with the password of ‘PASSWORD’: # zmprov ca PASSWORD   Step 2: To change the existing email account password run :- # zmprov sp NEW_PASSWORD