How to Setup a Private IP on Openstack Instances

Newly generated instances on Openstack are not connected to each other on a private network. After setting up the private network on the portal, a new network interface must be configured on the Openstack instance. This will allow the instances to connect to each other using a private IP. This guide is applicable for Linux

How to Purchase a Dedicated Server

Follow the steps below to purchase a Dedicated Server. First, you must select the server region of your choosing. There are two server locations provided: Malaysia and Singapore. Select the Dedicated Server plan based on the subscription period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months) that you require. Then, you will be directed to the

View Inactive Products

Under Inactive Products section, you can manage expired products by selecting the product category and then selecting the particular product that you want to manage. Then, click on Manage. After that, you can request a renewal or check the details of the selected product. To request for a renewal, simply click on Contact Us For Renewal

How to Pay for Pending Payment

Billing & payment allows you to access the details of your Pending Payment and Transaction History. Billing & payment allows you to access the details of your Pending Payment and Transaction History. Step 1: In the Pending Payment section, you can View Details, Download and make Payment. Step 2: By clicking +Select All button, you

How to Purchase Email Hosting

Select your preferred email hosting plan by clicking on the Select Plan and the period of subscription. Then, identify the  Domain Name for the email hosting. You can choose to enable your existing domain by selecting “Use my existing domain” option, or register a new domain name. Once you have finalized your selections, click Add

How to Check .my Domain Whois Information?

Steps below can applied to all,,,,,,, .my domain names. 1.    Click at the URL link below. 2.    You will see a page as show below.   3.    Key in your domain name. 4.    You will see the result as shown below, with all information related to the

How to Scan for Malware in Linux using AI-BOLIT

SSH to your server and navigate to the path that is one level above the document root of your website using the cd command. For example, if the document root of your website is /home/<username>/domains/<domain>/public_html, run the command below: cd /home/<username>/domains/<domain> Download AI-BOLIT scanner by using links. If you don’t have it installed, you can

How to Block Email Addresses on SmarterMail 16

Navigate to Domain Settings > Content Filtering and click on New. 2. This will allow you to create a blacklist to block any email address. Click on New Condition. 3. Edit the conditions to match the image below and click on Save. 4. Select the desired action. In this case, we will be deleting the

How to Reset Your Shared Hosting Account Password

To reset the password of your shared hosting account: Log in to the Customer Portal. Navigate to My Products > “Shared Hosting and select the Shared Hosting account and click on More. 3. Click on Reset Password. 4. Click on Yes to finalise the password reset. 5. You will receive an email containing the username