How to Remove a Folder With Millions of Files

When connected to a Linux terminal, if the folder contains too many files, using rm command will not be able to remove them. To remove it: cd /directory # where directory is the directory of the folder that you want to remove find . -type f -print -delete Running the command above removes all files

Changing File Permissions in DirectAdmin

1. Login to DirectAdmin and select File Manager. 2. Select the file and folders to change the permission. To change permissions for all files in a folder, make sure to tick the Recursive checkbox. When setting the permissions, there will be 3 numbers which define the permissions for different users. The first number defines the

How to Speed Up Backup Restoration in DirectAdmin

If restoring a user or reseller level backup files is very slow, simply modify the DirectAdmin.conf file of the website. The file can be accessed with the following command: vi /usr/local/DirectAdmin/conf/DirectAdmin.conf Find and change the value of this directive to 0 (zero), if the directive does not exist, you can manually add it. tally_after_restore=0

How to Install SOAP using DirectAdmin Custombuild

1. Copy the existing apache config and create a custom config: mkdir /usr/local/DirectAdmin/custombuild/custom mkdir /usr/local/DirectAdmin/custombuild/custom/ap2 cp /usr/local/DirectAdmin/custombuild/configure/ap2/configure.php5 /usr/local/DirectAdmin/custombuild/custom/ap2/configure.php5 2. Edit the apache config file: vi /usr/local/DirectAdmin/custombuild/custom/ap2/configure.php5 Add below option into the config file –enable-soap ** remember using the same \ syntax as you see in the file. 3. Build PHP by running the following command:

Install LEMP on CentOS 7

LEMP is an acronym for Linux, Nginx (Engine x), MySQL, and PHP. It is needed to run web servers due to it containing various software required for other web content management software, such as WordPress and also Joomla. LEMP is similar to LAMP, where LAMP uses Apache instead of Nginx as open source web servers. Apache is usually

How to Change Email Password in DirectAdmin

1. Login to DirectAdmin control panel – 2. Select E-mail Accounts under E-mail Management. 3. Click change under Password/Quota to change the password of the email account. 4. Enter the new password or click on Random to randomly generate one. Click on Modify to finalise the password change.

Disable the Junk mail folder in SmarterMail

SmarterMail comes with built-in anti-spam features, which screens emails before they are delivered to your inbox. Emails that the anti-spam detects as spam will be placed in the junk folder. This is generally a good thing, but can affect email users using email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird who synchronise emails using POP3. The

How to Assign Mailbox Size Limit in SmarterMail

1. Login to SmarterMail using the admin login :- 2. After successfully login, access the email account settings by browsing to Setting > Domain setting > Users. 3. Tick the checkbox of the that you wish to assign a new disk space quota to and click on Edit. 4. When the Users setting page appears,