How to Empty Email Accounts via Directadmin

1. Log in to Directadmin. https://<>:2222/ 2. Under E-Mail Management section, navigate to E-Mail Accounts. 3. Mark the checkboxes for the email accounts that you would like to purge the inbox for on the right. 4. Select the folder and the age of the emails to purge. 5. Lastly, click Purge all to remove emails under

How to Create/Edit Mail Account in VestaCP

This guide covers how to create and edit email accounts in VestaCP.   Create an Email Account in VestaCP Step 1: Log into your VestaCP control panel. Step 2: Navigate to the MAIL tab then click on Add Account for the domain to create an email account for the selected domain. Step 3: Fill in the

How To Fix Error: Connection Dropped By IMAP Server

If you are constantly receiving the error message: “Connection dropped by IMAP server.” when you are logged into your webmail, it is because you have maxed out the number of client connections allocated to your mail server. This can be fixed by increasing the allowed number of client connections.   Step 1 – Login into

Setting up Mailing Lists in Plesk 12.5

A mailing list is a group email address to which a number of users are subscribed. Mailing lists are used for sending email messages to multiple recipients at once. Email messages sent to mailing list subscribers can include anything from plain text to colorful newsletters and promotions with embedded images and links, and attached multimedia

How To Protect Your Bandwidth From Hotlinking Images

If you are hosting your own images, it is important to safeguard your bandwidth by preventing others from hotlinking your images. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to accomplish this by modifying the .htaccess file.   Simply add the following code into your .htaccess file and place it in your public_html folder.

How to Set the Default Text Encoding in Smartermail

Changing text encoding and apply to all of the webmail users by default. 1. Log into the SmarterMail webmail client using the admin login credentials. 2. Go to Settings and look for the User Defaults, select on the Compose settings tab. 3. Click on the drop down menu of the Text Encoding options, select on