Setting Up Custom Access Rules in Plesk 12.5

Usually, remote access to Plesk databases is allowed by default from any computer. For security reasons, you can allow access only from a specific IP address (for example, for applications running on a remote computer and working with a database hosted on the Plesk server). You can also prohibit remote access altogether (for example, if

How to access to your MSSQL Database (Plesk)

The MSSQL database in Windows Web Hosting is not created by default. You will need to login to the Plesk Control Panel, and execute the following steps to create your database, database username and database user password. Says your domain name is and you would like to create a database with the following properties:

How to Add New User in WebsitePanel

WebsitePanel, formerly known as DotNetPanel, is control panel built exclusively for the Windows web technology platform. Here is the guideline to create user on your control panel: Step 1: Click on “Create Customer” button on the main page of WebsitePanel. Step 2: Fill in the details for the new user. Click “Create” button at the

Create new users in DirectAdmin as a Reseller

1. Login to DirectAdmin, click on Add New User. *Please take note that you will not be able to add in new user if you haven’t create any user packages. Please refer to Here on how to create user package. 2. Insert the details of the users accordingly, and choose a User Package and IP