FAQ on IPServerOne DNS Hosting Plan

1. What are the DNS Hosting services offered by IPServerOne? The DNS Hosting Service is now divided into four new selections, first being Free DNS Hosting, and second, Standard DNS Hosting, Premium DNS Hosting and lastly, Premium Plus DNS Hosting.  When purchasing a domain with IPServerOne, customers can now opt for the Free DNS Hosting,

FAQ on NameServers

1- What is a nameserver? Nameserver serves as a pointer for domain names and IP addresses to link together.  Nameserver works as a linkage for numerical IP addresses (the computer language) to the URL we understand (our language). eg. Nameservers allow 123.456.7.8 (IP Address) to resolve to ipserverone.com (URL) . URL acts as a facade

How to Apply DNS Hosting to Existing Domain

Introduction This guide explains how to apply DNS hosting services to a domain that already exists, whether it was registered through IP ServerOne or another provider. This process is essential for managing domain name resolutions effectively. Prerequisites An active domain Access to IP ServerOne customer portal   1. To use IPServerOne’s DNS Hosting service, you

How To Change Password Within Portal

Introduction Changing your password regularly is a key aspect of maintaining account security. This guide provides a straightforward process for changing your password within the IPServerOne portal. Prerequisites Access to the IPServerOne portal. Your current login credentials. Access to your registered email or mobile phone for verification. 1. To change/reset your password within your IPServerOne

Billing and Payment in Portal

Introduction Billing and Payment is one of the features that allow users to check/pay on the pending invoice or review the previous transaction. Other than that, users are able to view the account statement in this section too.    Prerequisite Access to customer portal where there is subscription under   Pending Payment Once login, click

How to Block Email Addresses on SmarterMail 16

Navigate to Domain Settings > Content Filtering and click on New. 2. This will allow you to create a blacklist to block any email address. Click on New Condition. 3. Edit the conditions to match the image below and click on Save. 4. Select the desired action. In this case, we will be deleting the

How to Reset Your Shared Hosting Account Password

To reset the password of your shared hosting account: Log in to the Customer Portal. Navigate to My Products > “Shared Hosting and select the Shared Hosting account and click on More. 3. Click on Reset Password. 4. Click on Yes to finalise the password reset. 5. You will receive an email containing the username

How To Create Data Center Visitation Request

REMEMBER: For any Installation or Removal of Equipment, you are required to fill up: 1) Visitation Request and; 2) Equipment Declaration Form if you want to make a visitation to install/remove equipment.   Login to your Customer Portal and navigate to Visitation Platform from the left-side menu.   1) Visitation Request Fill in the details

How to redirect user from HTTP to HTTPS

If you have subscribed SSL and wondering when users surf the website it does not show HTTPS, do not worry, the HTTPS is there, you just have to redirect HTTP to HTTPS. Simply follow the steps below to redirect users to SSL page. P/S: You have to ensure that Apache is configured for HTTPS connection