How to change Company Name in Customer Portal

Introduction This feature is designed to keep your account information up-to-date and accurate. Whether you’ve undergone a rebranding or simply need to correct a typo, changing your company name is a simple process. Follow these steps to make the change swiftly and efficiently.   Step-by-Step Guide   In IPServerOne Customer Portal, customers are allowed to

Reset Password on Customer Portal via Mobile Verification

Step 1: To reset your customer portal password, click on Forgot Password. Step 2: Enter your Email Address and click on Reset Password via Mobile. Step 3 : You shall receive an OTP (One-Time-Password) mobile notification on your phone. If you’re not getting the text message as below, chances are, you have registered your account

Auto Cloud Credit Top Up for Cloud Instance

Introduction IPServerOne Customer Portal comes with an automated reload feature for Cloud Instances.This functionality allows for seamless automatic top-ups of cloud credit using credit card payments. Once set, there is no need for ongoing supervision to keep your cloud instances running. The auto top-up feature operates by instructing your credit card to replenish the required

How to Purchase LinkMail Email Hosting

1. From Portal’s Dashboard, click on New Order and select LinkMail Email Hosting. 2. Select your preferred LinkMail Email Hosting period of subscription and proceed to Next. 3. Then, select the number of users and add the Domain Name for the LinkMail Email Hosting. You can choose to enable your existing domain by selecting “if

How to Check .my Domain Whois Information?

Steps below can applied to all,,,,,,, .my domain names. 1.    Click at the URL link below. 2.    You will see a page as show below.   3.    Key in your domain name. 4.    You will see the result as shown below, with all information related to the

How to Scan for Malware in Linux using AI-BOLIT

SSH to your server and navigate to the path that is one level above the document root of your website using the cd command. For example, if the document root of your website is /home/<username>/domains/<domain>/public_html, run the command below: cd /home/<username>/domains/<domain> Download AI-BOLIT scanner by using links. If you don’t have it installed, you can

How To Launch Cloud Instance From Volume

Introduction Launching a new instance in the cloud can be an exciting step in scaling your resources or deploying new applications. This guide is designed to assist users in creating instances by leveraging volumes from images or snapshots within the Customer Portal. It is important to ensure that you have completed the prerequisites before you

How To Launch Cloud Instance From One-Click Application

Introduction In today’s fast-paced digital environment, being able to rapidly deploy applications is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Our One-Click Application Cloud Instance is the perfect solution for users who require quick and efficient instance launches with pre-configured applications. From databases like MySQL to caching solutions like Redis, our platform automates the installation process