How To Create Data Center Visitation Request

REMEMBER! You are required to fill up 1) Visitation Request and 2) Equipment Declaration Form if you want to make a visitation to install/remove equipment. Login to your Customer Portal and navigate to Visitation Platform from the left-side menu. 1) Visitation Request Fill in the details required: Select the data center that you want to

How to redirect user from HTTP to HTTPS

If you have subscribed SSL and wondering when users surf the website it does not show HTTPS, do not worry, the HTTPS is there, you just have to redirect HTTP to HTTPS. Simply follow the steps below to redirect users to SSL page. P/S: You have to ensure that Apache is configured for HTTPS connection

How To Manage VMware Client Servers

VMware is one of the virtualization server host, where you can manage it easily with it’s vSphere Client software. Step 1 -You must first know your web server’s VMware version in order to download the compatible vSphere client software. You can check the version by opening VMware host IP address in your browser.

How to Login to Your Linux Instance via SSH

Overview This tutorial will guide you through on how to access your Linux Instance via SSH client and your private key.   Prerequisite Downloaded the private key when you launch your first Instance. Note: If you used your own key-pair during Instance creation, please use the same private key for this tutorial. (Optional) Have PuTTY

How to view e-mail message headers in Outlook 2010

About message headers After you compose a message and send it, the message is processed by the e-mail server at your Internet service provider (ISP). If the message is for someone who does not have a mailbox on your e-mail server, the server forwards the message to another e-mail server. The message is forwarded from

How to login to your FiDrive

Upon the successful purchase of FiDrive with IP ServerOne, you will receive login information containing your FiDrive Login URL, Username, and Password. Please do not reveal your username and password as this user contains administrator privileges. Click on your FiDrive Login URL and you will be brought to this page below. After logging in, you

How To SSH Into Your Cloud

In this tutorial, we will teach you the most important step you NEED and MUST learn in order to access your cloud server. As it is an unmanaged hosting plan, there is only one way to access your server, which is via SSH. Using Windows Platform Step 1 – Download Putty from here and install the program.