How to combine domain under

1)   Login to the using your domain login :- 2)   After successfully login, click at your domain same like the pic below :- 3)   After that, click the ‘Transfer of User ID‘. 4)   Fill up the ‘User ID‘ and ‘Password‘. Then click button ‘Submit‘. 5)   Do the same things from step 1 until 4

How can I transfer domain names to IPSERVERONE?

Introduction Moving your domain to IPSERVERONE involves a series of steps that vary slightly depending on your current domain registrar. Generally, the process requires you to access your existing registrar’s control panel to change the domain’s name servers to those provided by IPSERVERONE. Prerequisites Ensure you have access to your current registrar’s control panel. Verify

How to Add DNS Domain in VestaCP

Step 1: Click the DNS tab in VestaCP, then click the green “+” to add a DNS domain into your control panel. Step 2: Type in the domain and the corresponding IP address that you want to manage using VestaCP. Click “Add” after completing the form.

How to Add Mail Domains in VestaCP

1. Click the MAIL tab in VestaCP, then click ADD MAIL DOMAIN to add a mail domain to your control panel. 2. Input the details of  the mail domain that you want to add. Click Add to confirm input. For further instructions on how to add email accounts, please click this link:

How to add new existing domain in DirectAdmin

Adding new Domain to Linux Shared Hosting Account A. Domain registration 1)  Make sure you have a registered domain before you proceed this steps, get it here   B. Setup additional domain in Directadmin 1) Login DirectAdmin → Domain Setup 2)  Click On Add Another Domain   3)  Fill in the new domain name you

How to change an existing domain name in DirectAdmin

To change an existing domain name in DirectAdmin, you’ll need to follow these steps: 1. To change domain name to a new domain name in DirectAdmin control panel, first log into user’s DirectAdmin control panel. 2. There are two ways to access the page for domain name configurations. You can click on Domain Administration. OR

DirectAdmin Add-on Additional Domain

Introduction This updated guide details the process of adding an additional domain to your DirectAdmin account, ensuring your hosting setup remains organized and efficient. Prerequisites Access to DirectAdmin. A registered domain ready to be added. 1. Login to DirectAdmin as user. 2. Click on Domain Setup   3. Click On Add Another Domain   4.