How to remove domain in DirectAdmin

This article will show you how to set up a domain in DirectAdmin Log in to your DirectAdmin panel at http://ipaddress:2222   2.  Under Your Account click on Domain Setup   3.  The following screen will display your current domains. Click Select and then click the Delete button to delete your domain.

How To Rename a Domain In DirectAdmin

You may rename your domain in the DirectAdmin control panel. To do so, please follow the steps below:-   Step 1 – Login to your DirectAdmin control panel, then click on “Domain Administration“.   Step 2 – Click “Change a Domain Name“.   Step 3 – Select your domain name from the drop-down list on

How to add the domain alias in DirectAdmin control panel

The alias domain is a secondary domain whose function is to point to the user’s primary domain. When the alias domain ‘s website is accessed by the users, the primary website is displayed instead.   Here are the steps to add the domain alias: 1. Before adding the alias domain, make sure it’s registered and pointed to

How to create new DNS zone file In Plesk

If you are experiencing the following issues: 1) Domain name DNS zone file record in Plesk is not working. 2) DNS zone file is not found in the Plesk DNS zone folder. 3) The issue is not resolved after restoring it to default settings.   To solve the aforementioned issues, you need to recreate a