Availability zone – physical separation of computing resources within the same region. (eg: different hosts) CIDR – a compact representation of an IP address and its associated routing prefix (subnet mask). (eg: CPU optimized – specification for instances that require high computational power. (eg: Web server, Database server) Credit – the number of funds available on

FTP upload stucked

My application shows that it has finish FTP but FTP client hangs what can I do? 1. This is probably might cause by your network connection, kindly follow the tutorial below to determine the cause. For Window User: test the connection using command prompt by pinging to the FTP server to Start Button > Run

How to create FTP account on DirectAdmin

Step 1. Login in to directadmin Step 2. Search for the ftp account Step 3. Click on the ‘Create FTP Account’ Step 4. Insert the FTP username and enter the password accordingly. Step 5. Configure the FTP user account type and finish the configuration by click on the ‘Create’ button. Step 6. Your FTP account

How to password protect a Directory in DirectAdmin

Log in to your DirectAdmin control panel and select your domain name, then click on “Password Protected Directories”. Click “Find a Directory to Password Protect” DirectAdmin will now display all the files under the public_html folder of your domain name. As an example, let’s say you want to password protect the “eCommerce” folder. Click on

How to disable folder disk usage in file manager

In DirectAdmin, there is a feature that calculates the disk usage in File Manager. Sometimes, it can slow down the File Manager and need to be disabled. To disable it, you may SSH to the server and, # vi /usr/local/DirectAdmin/conf/DirectAdmin.conf Find and change the value of this directive to 0 (zero), if the directive does

How to backup with remote R1soft

Login to your R1soft account via your web browser ( e.g. https://IPaddresssHere:18443 ) You can get this IP Address from your login e-mail sent by us. After you log in to your dashboard, you can see the followings : Number(s) of server you own and authorized for remote backup. Current backup activity running (if any).

PHP Handler for DirectAdmin : DSO – Dynamic Shared Object (mod_php)

PHP handler supplies the required library to interpret PHP code. Each handler delivers the libraries through different files and implementations. Each file and implementation affects Apache’s performance because it determines how Apache serves PHP. By default, DirectAdmin comes with DSO – Dynamic Shared Object (mod_php) and this is an older configuration but is generally considered the fastest handler.