How do I transfer a top level domain (TLD) to IP ServerOne?

This is a simple step to transferring a top-level domain name (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .asia, etc) from your current registrar or reseller company to IP ServerOne. Before starting the process of transferring, kindly ensure that you have at least 10 days prior to the domain’s expiration date. Here are the tasks you

MYNIC – Reset or Retrieving access details for admin MYNIC portal

Step 1: If you have forgotten the access to the MYNIC management portal or Ichoose Selfcare at can retrieve it by click on forgot username or forgot password. Step 2: For forgot username, enter domain name wish to get the access and email address is an admin email address as stated in whois

How to use Forwarders feature in DirectAdmin

Step 1: Log in to DirectAdmin control panel and click on the “Forwarders” option: Step 2: Click on Create New E-mail Forwarder: Step 3: Fill in the “Forwarder Name” and “Destination Email” and click the Create button to complete the setup. This Forwarders feature will allow the recipient email account (listed in the Forwarder Name)

How to enforce password strengthen policy in SmarterMail

1.) First, log in to SmarterMail using admin credentials. There will be a list of the icon on the left side panel, select on the ‘Security’ tab as shown in the picture. 2.) On the ‘Security’ tab, click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ to expand the tree view content. On the tree view content, select on

How to installing Smartermail Mail Server

First RDP into the server 1) Download Smartermail Mail Server from 2) Open the downloaded installer file and install the smartermail. 3) Once the installation has been finished, a web-based installation will be opened automatically. Continue with the web-based installation: *Enable JavaScript and disable pop-up block 4.) Leave the License Key blank in case

How to change mail quota in DirectAdmin

1. Login to DirectAdmin, click on “Mail accounts”. 2. Under “Password/Quota”, click on “change” which is the same row with the mail address that you need to change mail quota. 3. In “Email Quota”, decide on how large you want it to be, and click on “Modify”.  

How to solve duplicate email on Outlook

There’s a few possibilities that can cause you to get duplicate emails on your Outlook, it could be due to corrupted email in your inbox on your mail server. Kindly please, Log in to your webmail Delete all corrupted emails that causing those duplicate emails. For other causes of duplicate emails on Outlook, you

How to setup email on Microsoft Outlook Express

Step 1: Open your Microsoft Outlook Express. Step 2: On the Tools menu, select Accounts. Step 3: Select Add and Mail Step 4: Fill in the details for your email account. Step 5: Select POP3 for the incoming mail server. Step 6: Fill in the full email address and password, select Next then Finish. Please do not enable Log on using Secure

How to clean up server email usage

Under our shared hosting server, there is a limit for your email usage. There is some option for you to clean up the email usage: Option 1: Log in to webmail and delete those unwanted emails. Please also clean your trash folder as email inside the trash folder also will use up the email quota.

How to setup email for Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

To set up Microsoft Office Outlook 2010: Open Microsoft Office Outlook 2010. Go to File > Info > Add Account. Select the checkbox Manually configure server settings or additional server types. Click Next. Select the Internet Email option and click Next. Specify the following: Your name. Your email address. Account type. If you want to keep copies of messages on the