How to scheduling backups in Plesk

To schedule backing up of data: Go to Account > Back Up My Websites > Schedule. Select the Activate this backup task checkbox and specify the following: When and how often to run the backup (Run this backup task). To reduce the disk space usage and the duration of the backup process, select Use incremental

How to create Linux shared hosting Backup (DirectAdmin)

Log in to your DirectAdmin control panel, select any of your domain names, then click “Create/Restore Backups” Next, DirectAdmin will show you a list of contents that will be included in the backup. By default, all options are selected. You can deselect any of the options to exclude parts that you do not want to

Hosting Settings in Plesk

Per-website hosting settings can be divided into the following groups: General. Hosting type, security, scripting and statistics settings. See General Settings. Web scripting (PHP or ASP.NET). PHP scripting language settings. See PHP Settings or ASP.NET Settings. Web Server (Apache&nginx or IIS) Web server settings. Web server type depends on the operating system of your Plesk

How to prevent HTTP file caching with .htaccess

Some websites use highly volatile, oft-changing CSS and JavaScript files. In the case of these files, it’s important that the developer prevents browsers from caching them so that you and your visitors will see the latest CSS and JavaScript files instead of the old and cached version. There are many ways to prevent your page

Jaring : How to configure email in Outlook Express

1 – Open your Outlook Express 2 – Click at Set up a Mail account…   3 – Insert your name. For example Amir   4 – Insert your full email address.   5 – Set incoming and outgoing mail servers. Incoming : Outgoing :   6 – Setup an account name and

Enable Disclaimer / Message Footer In SmarterMail

If you want a disclaimer or pre-written text to be included in every mail in SmarterMail, you can do so by following the tutorial guide below: Step 1 – Login into SmarterMail as admin. Step 2 – Go to Settings -> Message footer and enable the option: ‘Allow user to Enable domains to override footer