How to edit the compute details for your VM

You may run into some event whereby you need to upscale or downscale your running VM resource (CPU or RAM), or a storage, network changes etc. Please take note that the storage size cannot be resize to downscale, it can only be upscale. Here’s the step to edit the compute resources for your VM. 1.It’s

How to login to your organization VDC in vCloud Director

1.At starting you will be provided full information as below: Login URL: Organization Name: Username: Password: 2.To start login to your vCloud Director Account, navigate to the Login URL in your preferred web browser. 3.Insert your organization name: 4.. Insert your username and password. 5.Once you inserted the details correctly, you will be redirect to

How to manage Firewall rules for your vCloud Director

Firewall features in vCloud Director is provided by T1 edge gateway router, this firewall capability is also referred to as the edge firewall. The edge gateway firewall monitors North-South traffic to provide perimeter security functionality. IPServerone provides all vCloud Director firewall features to be ‘ALLOW ALL’ by default, you can later make changes on the firewall

How to upload ISO file to content libraries

You may find the needs to upload ISO file for your vCloud Director account director deployment, this can be done by using the following steps: 1. Login to vCloud Director and navigate to Libraries > Catalogs and click on “NEW” to create a new catalog.   2. Insert the name for the catalog that will

How to Configure IPSec VPN

How to configure IPSec VPN In the cases that the VM hosted in the VMware, Cloud requires to connect with other VM hosted in different Site or in HQ, and it must be communicating via internal LAN IP addresses only, this can be done by setting up the Site to Site IPSec VPN between the

Manage DNS record via Domain Management Portal (WEBNIC)

The DNS record can be updated via Domain Management Portal at if name server pointed to the registrar (Webnic) name server: and 1- Login to Domain Management Portal: 2- Click on Domain Name 3- Click on “DNS Hosting” 4- Update DNS record in the column provided and save update.

How To Renew Services Through Portal

Renewals section allows you to make renewals for the nearly expiring and expired services. This section can be accessed once you have login to the portal at   Once logged in, there will be notification(s) for nearly expiring and expired services at your Dashboard. Renewal can be done by simply clicking on any of

How to Share A Calendar in SmarterMail

In Smartermail, users are able to share their Calendars. In order to do that, simply follow the following steps:-   Steps to Share a Calendar :- Log in to your Smartermail. Then navigate to the Calendar section. On the slide out menu, click on the calendar that you want to share.   2. On the