How To Access Dedicated Server Using IPMI Login On Customer Portal

Users can now use IPMI login functions to access Dedicated Server on Customer Portal.  Prerequisite Register and log in to your Customer Portal account. Access Dedicated Server services using IPMI login functions.   Instructions Step 1: Once logged in, proceed by clicking on My Products and dropdown to Dedicated Server.  Next, click on Manage in

How to Add Calendar to iPhone

The iPhone user can add the calender from webmail into the device by using the CalDav funtion as guideline below: 1. Open the settings application 2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars 3. Tap Add Account 4. Tap Other as account type 5. Tap Add CalDAV account 6. For server, type 7. Enter your full email

Manage DNS record via Domain Management Portal (WEBNIC)

The DNS record can be updated via Domain Management Portal at if name server pointed to the registrar (Webnic) name server: and 1- Login to Domain Management Portal: 2- Click on Domain Name 3- Click on “DNS Hosting” 4- Update DNS record in the column provided and save update.

How To Initiate Registrant Transfer

Registrant Transfer can be done if you’d like to switch Invoicing Party and continue using the same domain. 1-  To initiate registrant transfer, you will need to log in to Domain Management System – MYNIC Once successfully login into MYNIC DMS, click on Domain Name and down to Transfer Domain.   2-  From here,

How To Renew Services Through Portal

Renewals section allows you to make renewals for the nearly expiring and expired services. This section can be accessed once you have login to the portal at   Once logged in, there will be notification(s) for nearly expiring and expired services at your Dashboard. Renewal can be done by simply clicking on any of

How to Share A Calendar in SmarterMail

In Smartermail, users are able to share their Calendars. In order to do that, simply follow the following steps:-   Steps to Share a Calendar :- Log in to your Smartermail. Then navigate to the Calendar section. On the slide out menu, click on the calendar that you want to share.   2. On the

How to Empty System Message in DirectAdmin

There are two types of system message, Admin level, and User level. You will need to delete on different paths for each of the levels.   1. Empty DirectAdmin Admin level system message:- cd /usr/local/DirectAdmin/data/admin echo -n “” > tickets.list   2. Empty DirectAdmin User level system message:- cd /usr/local/DirectAdmin/data/users/username echo -n “” > tickets.list