FAQ: How to Unlock Your Domain from PublicDomainRegistry

How to Unlock Your Domain from PublicDomainRegistry   To unlock your domain on PublicDomainRegistry, first log into your client area and navigate to your domain’s page. Click the “Theft Protection” link, select the “Disable” radio button under Theft Protection settings, and finally click on the “Update Theft Protection Status” button. This series of actions will

How to Install and Configure FortiClient in Windows

Introduction For users seeking a secure VPN connection to their organization’s network, the FortiClient VPN provides a robust solution. This guide is designed to walk you through the installation process of the FortiClient VPN on your system. Whether you’re working remotely or need secure access to your company’s internal resources, setting up FortiClient VPN can

How to Hide Inactive/Discontinue Services in the Customer Portal

Introduction We have recently enhanced our customer portal with a feature that enables customers to hide inactive/discontinued services. This hide inactive/discontinue feature allowed customers to easily filter active services and monitor the services subscribed accordingly. Here is a quick guide on how to hide inactive/discontinue services:   Step 1: Login to customer portal: https://portal.ipserverone.com Step

How to Access Instance Console via Customer Portal

Introduction Welcome to the quick start guide for accessing the console of your instances within NovaCloud. This guide is designed for users of all levels, whether you’re new to cloud computing or an experienced developer looking to manage your instances more effectively. Accessing the console of your instances is crucial for direct interaction, troubleshooting, and

MYNIC Domain Lifecycle – .MY

  Active: Domain is active and working normally from the date of registration until expiry date.   Auto Renew Grace Period: Once it has expired, it will fall into Auto Renew Grace period for 40 days. – For the first 30 days, the domain will remain active. – The next 10 days, domain will be

Secondary User Login in Portal and Role Details

Introduction Welcome to our user guide on managing multiple account access in our portal. This guide is designed to assist secondary users in seamlessly navigating the portal and accessing primary users’ accounts. Whether you’re new to this feature or need a quick refresher, the following steps will ensure a smooth and efficient experience.   Accessing

How to View PHP error log in Directadmin

Introduction: DirectAdmin provides PHP error logs for troubleshooting and diagnosing issues with PHP applications. Learn how to navigate and utilize these logs through the DirectAdmin control panel. Prerequisites: DirectAdmin Credentials: Ensure you have the necessary credentials to access the DirectAdmin control panel. Steps: Access DirectAdmin: Log in to the DirectAdmin control panel using your credentials.

How to backup Outlook emails – individual user

Introduction If you are an individual user and have not taken a backup for your Outlook data, you have 2 following options:   Backup Outlook emails using Import/Export Wizard Backup Outlook emails by copying .pst file This guide will walk you through both methods to ensure your Outlook emails are safely backed up. Prerequisites Email Account