How to set SSH login email alerts in a Linux Server?

To improve the security of the server, especially the webserver which exposes to the internet and worldwide hackers, it’s a good way to enable the server to send a notification email automatically to a predefined email address every time someone logs in as “root” to the host. To configure the automatic email alert notification to

How To Configure IIS To Listen On Specific IP Address

Windows Server 2008 / IIS 7 Step 1 – Run command prompt and type “netsh”. C:\netsh   Step 2 – Type “http”. netsh>http   Step 3 – Enter the following command to display the list of IP addresses to listen on. If no IP addresses are displayed, IIS will listen on all IP addresses by

How To Change SSH Daemon Port Number

SSH daemon port will listen to port 22 by default. To change the SSH port number, you can follow the tutorial guide. Step 1 – Access your web server, using the default port number 22 or existing port number. Step 2 – Edit the sshd configuration. vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config Step 3 – Search for the line

Allocate IP Address in WebsitePanel

Step 1: At the user account page, click on the “IP Addresses” icon.   Step 2: Click the “Allocate…” button to allocate IP addresses available in your domain’s IP pool to the created websites.   If your IP pool is empty, you can allocate more IP addresses on the reseller level (created by choosing “reseller” as account type

How to Add/Edit Firewall Rules in VestaCP

Step 1: To set additional firewall rules, firstly, login to admin account of VestaCP and click on the “FIREWALL” tab at the top of the Control Panel. Here it lists all the rules that are already running in your Control Panel.   Step 2: To add new firewall rules, click on the green “+” button.

Open Port For Outgoing Connections In IPTables

Step 1 – Access your server via SSH. Step 2 – Run the following command to open port. This will open port 8000 for an incoming connection. /sbin/iptables -I OUTPUT -p tcp –sport $uports –dport 8000 -j ACCEPT /sbin/iptables -I INPUT -p tcp –sport 8000 –dport $uports -j ACCEPT Step 3 – edit /etc/rc.local and

Allow Cloudflare IPs in Firewall

This guide will show you how to only allow Cloudflare IPs to access port 80 using IP Tables. Please make sure that all domains are already pointed to Cloudflare, or this guide will make your domains inaccessible. Cloudflare IPs 1 – Create a new file to be your new firewall:- #vi /root/firewall 2 – Paste

How to view all user password in Smartermail using TSMADump

If you are the system administrator of a Smarter mail, you can use TSMA Dump to administer the Smarter mail, this guide will show the example of using TSMADump to view all user password 1. Install TSMADump.exe 2. Open command prompt, go into the directory where TSMADump.exe is being installed 3. Type in the below