How To Edit The “hosts” File on Mac Os

Step 1 – Go to Utilities and select on Terminal.   Step 2 – Login as root by running the command as below then enter the password. User-MacBook:~ user$ sudo su – Password: After that you will see that the user become root as below:- User-MacBook:~ root#   Step 3 – Open the hosts file

How to Redirect Your Domain in WebsitePanel

Step 1:  Sign in to your WebSitePanel hosting control panel. Step 2:  Click on Web Sites. Step 3:  Click on your domain such as ““. Step 4:  At the Home Folder tab, select the radio button with the Redirection URL. Step 5:  Insert the URL that you wish to redirect. Step 6:  Click Update.

Fixing high server loads caused by mining processes in Linux

If you encounter an abnormal high load process in your server, it may be due to hidden mining processes. vi /etc/rc.local Check for the following 2 lines in the file and remove it: nohup /usr/bin/_-pud >/dev/null& nohup /usr/bin/_-minerd -c /usr/bin_-config 2> /dev/null& Remove the following files: rm /usr/bin/_-minerd rm /usr/bin/_-pud rm /usr/bin/_-config rm /etc/