How to add MySQL Service on WebsitePanel

Step 1: Download the installation file from here. Choose to skip registration and start the download. Step 2: Run the .msi file to start the installation. Click “Next” when prompted. Step 3: Select the product to upgrade, then click “Next“. Step 4: Click “Execute” to apply the update. Step 5: Click “Next” to configure the

How to Create New Database in VestaCP

Step 1: Go under the DB tab in VestaCP. Click the green “+” to add a new database for the user that you are currently logged into. Step 2: Fill in the details for the new database. Note that the name of the user account will be added as a prefix in front of the

How to create MySQL database in cPanel

Almost all web software requires a database to operate and one of the most popular RDMS (Relational Database Management Software) is MySQL. A web server is pre-installed with LAMP, but if yours do not, you can refer to our earlier tutorials on how to install LAMP on your server for CentOS and Ubuntu.   1)

How to enable MySQL remote host

Remote access to MySQL database server is disabled by default for security purposes. However, there are times you need to allow remote access to the database server from home or anywhere outside your office or data center. This post will guide you on how to do just that.   1) Login to your cPanel and