How to Create Email Signature (SquirrelMail)

To create email signature for SquirrelMail:- Log into your Webmail dashboard and choose the Squirrelmail option. From the Squirrelmail dashboard, click on the Change Settings setting from the upper menu bar on the screen. From the Personal Information page, you can now insert your new signature at the Signature field. Also, be certain to select the

Difference Between a Paid and Free SSL

What is an SSL An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and serves as a form of security for that encrypts traffic between a web browser and a server. Data that is transferred between a computer and a web server is in plain text if the website was not secured using an SSL. This means that any

How to add new MIME type

MIME-type is a set of a query that let the server knows how to deal with a different file type. To add a new MIME type in Parallels Plesk Panel, Follow steps below: 1.  Login to your Plesk Panel, click on “Virtual Directories”

Convert folder to application in Plesk

1. Login to Plesk control panel 2. Click on Virtual Directories 3. Click on Create Virtual Directories 4. Put in the preferred subdirectory name and setting then click on the ok button The created virtual directory will be converted to an application in IIS.

Getting to know the Remote Backup R1Soft

Prerequisite:- 1.) Login URL (e.g. 2.) Username and Password (Provided by IP ServerOne) Login Page – Type (or copy and paste) the provided URL to your browser and the login page of our backup server will open; enter the username and password in their respective fields.     Dashboard – You should reach your

Backing Up the Account and Websites in Plesk 12.5

To back up all data related to your account and all your subscriptions: To back up data related to your account and websites, go to Account > Back Up My Account and Websites. To back up data related to websites only, select Account > Back Up Websites (Alternatively, use Websites & Domains > Backup Manager).

Backing Up Data in Plesk 12.5

Plesk can backup the following data: Account configuration. Such backups have small size and are convenient for restoring account settings in case of configuration problems. Account configuration and website content. This type of backup requires more disk space and system resources because Plesk also saves the content of all websites, including databases. Such backups are