How To Extend Partition In Windows Server 2008

When you upgrade your cloud hosting, IPServerOne will extend the VM’s hard disk for you and it is your responsibility to extend the Window’s logical partition in order to use the newly added disk space. Step 1 – Connect and login to your Windows server using Remote Desktop. Step 2 – Go to Server Manager,

How to Run Traceroute Using Command Prompt

Step 1 –  Open your Command Prompt.   Step 2 – Type this command : tracert [hostname]  eg: tracert [hostname] is the name of the server connection you are testing   Step 3 – Send us the result like below to    Check out the Video for the command line steps on how

How to configuration network on CentOS 7

Step 1: Type the following command to access your system’s network configuration file. We will be using ethernet port eth0. vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0   Step 2: Here you can configure it as you like, as an example though we are going to configure it into a server with static IP. Press “i” to enter Insert Mode and perform

How to change OpenSSH Port on CentOS 7

By default, the port used for OpenSSH is port 22. For security reasons such as preventing hackers from guessing our server access port too easily, we can change the listening port for accessing our servers through a few steps. Step 1: First we need to back up our current SSH configuration, using the command: cp

How to change Firewall rules in CentOS 7

A firewall blocks many things, including some web applications that we want (such as Apache), but turning off the firewall also introduces vulnerabilities to our system. In CentOS 7, iptables are replaced by firewalld service. To maintain the security of our system, there are steps to configure it so that only certain ports are allowed

How to setup FileZilla server on Windows

Step 1: Start off by grabbing the server at Step 2: After download, you may install the using the standard settings as suggested by the installer Note: FileZilla will install a service that runs whenever Windows boots up, hence if you want the FTP to run manually, you need to select the appropriate option from