How to Sync Your Files / Folders Automatically in FiDrive

FiDrive which is built using NextCloud source code will be able to use NextCloud client to sync your files and folders automatically. To download the client of your choice, proceed to download the latest client from . This will direct you to the NextCloud webpage and you can proceed to [Download for desktop]. Wait

Replace HDD for Software RAID in Windows Server

When detecting a disk status as “Unhealthy”, it is wise to perform replacement and sync the data to the new HDD to prevent loss of data in the future.   Step 1: Open Windows Power Shell, type “diskmgmt.msc” (without quote marks) and press Enter to open up Disk Management Tools window.   Step 2: Right-click on

How to manually calculate Plesk web statistics

In Plesk, statistics (disk and traffic usage data, as well as web statistics) are calculated once every 24 hours. If for some reason, statistics were not updated, or if you cannot wait for the next automatic update, you can generate the statistics manually by using the <span class="pre">statistics</span> command-line utility. You can update the data

How to Purge CDN Content (Cloudflare)

Sometimes if your website is behind Cloudflare and you are editing the website, the content shown on the browser can be from the Cloudflare cache. You may need to flush the cache contents in order for your website to show the latest changes that you made on the website. To flush/purge the CDN content on

How to Purchase SSL From Customer Portal

Below are the steps you can follow to purchase an SSL Certificate. Step 1: Select the type of SSL Certificate required. • Alpha SSL: Can be used only for one domain name such as • Wildcard SSL: Secures all the subdomains like or After selecting your desired plan, click Next. Step 2:

How to View Active Products from Portal

Under the Active Products section, you can manage services by selecting the category and then selecting the particular service that you want to manage. Then, click on Manage.   Then, you are able to renew or check the details of the selected product. To renew, simply click on the Renew button. Notes: Active services that are not