How to increase spam email threshold in Direct Admin

In the situation where you received a lot of spam emails or when the recipient received your emails was always marked as spam, here’s a way to fix it by editing the value for email spam threshold in Direct Admin 1. Login to your Direct Admin control panel 2. Under Email Management, choose SpamAssassin Setup

How to disable mail services in Plesk

Step 1: Click at the “Mail” tab, then click at the “Mail Settings” tab. Select “Activate/Deactivate Services”.   Step 2: Choose “Disable” for both Mail service and DKIM spam protection system to sign outgoing email messages options. Then, click Ok.

How to configure maximum email size limit – Exim

IPServerOne Linux server uses Exim as one of the email server options. If you subscribe to a Linux Dedicated Server from IPServerOne, you can configure the maximum size of the email message, allowing you to send or receive an email that has a large attachment. This is done by changing the message_size_limit property in the

How To Change Email Quota In cPanel

Depending on your needs and situation, you might need to increase or decrease your email quota. Increasing your email quota will allow the user to store more emails before he is forced to delete the mails or empty the trash folder. Step 1 – Login into cPanel. Step 2 – Click on “Email Accounts” under