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Portal Dashboard Overview

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Get ready for an exciting new way to connect with us! That image you see below? its the overview of the new interface of our Portal. Let’s take a quick tour and discover how this dashboard will give you convenience at your fingertips and a better customer experience!



Dashboard Features

  1.  New Order button will direct you and show you the list to make new purchases.
  2. Submit Ticket will let you create a new ticket and get in touch with our team.
  3.  Shopping Cart is where selected services are stored and users are able to checked out.
  4.  the dropdown menu on Username will give you a few options such as My Account for your account settings, All products, My renewals and Log Out.
  5. Any announcement made will be notified in the Announcement section.
  6. Any recent activities will be displayed in the Recent Activity section. NOTE: the services that are about to expire will be shown on the dashboard, reminding you to make the Renewal. the notification will be right above the Announcement and Recent Activity. For example:
  7. The Dashboard is where you are directed upon logging in the portal.
  8. The NovaCloud drop-down menu ables you to launch instances, create Volumes and Snapshots, add DNS hosting, and more.
  9.  My Services list out the current services as well as option for New Order.
  10. Billings & Payments section consists of Invoices, Proforma Invoices, and Receipts of Pending Payments Transaction History and Cloud Credit Top Up.
  11. Help Center allows you to create new ticket and look for your support ticket.
  12. Calendar section display the days, weeks, and months of a particular year.
  13. The bottom section enables you to create a ticket to Support, full access to IPServerOne’s knowledge base and FAQs as well as Delegate Access.
  14. Lastly, The live chat icon enables you to communicate with IPServerOne team to have real-time assistance.



The new IPServerOne Customer Portal is designed to enhance your user experience with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Explore all the features and make the most of the convenient tools available at your fingertips!