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Mount IP ServerOne Object Storage in Windows With Open Source Utility

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Given the situation where you would like to create a backup to IPServerOne Object Storage Drive, however we should note that not all backup software is able to write to Object Storage directly.

In this article, we will show how to use IPServerOne Object Storage with an open source tool which will allow you to mount a Drive over S3 compatible storage engine.

In this guide, we will be using Rclone, a software that will allow us to mount a drive in a Windows/Linux environment.


1- First, you will need to login to IPServerOne Customer Portal.

2- Following the menu on your left, click on Cloud Platform and click on dropdown Object Storage

3- Enable Object Storage and proceed to create a bucket by clicking Create Bucket.


4- Proceed to insert bucket name of choice or generate a random one by clicking Generate.

In this guide, let’s name the bucket “nbdata“. Click Create to continue. 

5- Once the bucket is created, you will need to create an access key for this bucket by clicking Access Keys tab and continue to click Create Access Key. 


6- Insert key name, expiration date (optional/applicable), allow write permission and select access level to the bucket you have just created. Click Generate once done with setting.

7- After the key is created, it is highly important to safekeep both access key and secret key. You will need to provide these keys later to be used into the open source software.

Here is the example of the access key generated for nbdata bucket from the portal. 

Access Key : 6TZJ8X2EYS66PFL9YYVE

Secret Key : VetThTTZJ73urYvn+NZRItXXxrx6epOYFFXWQ734


8- Now, let’s move on to the mounting process with Rclone, using the bucket we have just created from Object Storage. Do follow the steps below:


Step 1 : Install Windows File System Proxy (WinFSP) driver to enable rclone to mount the Drive in Windows.

The Installation for WinFSP is quite straight forward by running the Setup Program in the archive file.


Step 2 :After done with WinFSP installation, proceed to download the rclone software from

It has no installation program, so all you need to do is to unzip the downloaded files and store in a Folder. 


9- To begin the configuration for RCLONE, we will need to go to the Command Prompt and apply the command as below.


10- Now, you are prompted to key in the parameters to access the Object Storage drive. Once you have run the above command, key in “n” to create a new config.


11- You may enter “ips1” to indicate as IPServerOne Cloud Storage the name of the connection.

12- Once the name is entered, RCLONE will ask you to select the provider. Following this section, you are required to enter “13” for any other S3 compatible provider


13- Enter “1” at the env_auth, and also the access_key and secret_key

14- Key in “1” as the region,

As for the endpoint URL; You will need to key in


15-  Key in “nbdata” or the bucket name that you have just created earlier.


16 -Select “1” for the ACL

17- Once that’s done, it will come into editing for advanced configuration. At this page, just key in “n”

18- This would be the final confirmation for the setting; press “y” to store the config.


19- Then press “q” to exit the config screen.


20- After all steps are fulfilled, you can now mount the bucket into a Drive X with the following command :

You will need to keep this window open and your X: Drive would be accessible, and SYNC with IPS1 Object Storage.