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cPanel: Filtering Emails by Keywords

cPanel allows for the filtering of emails based on keywords. This feature can be can accessed by entering the Email Filters option on the cPanel menu.This will bring you to the Email Filters menu. Here, you can manage the filters for each individual email account. Click on Manage Filters to bring you to the filter […]

cPanel: Managing Spam Emails

cPanel comes equipped with several tools that allow you to effectively combat spam from being sent to your email accounts. This article will go through how to use and configure your spam filtering tools.Spam FilteringStart by navigating to Spam Filters.This will bring up the Spam Filters menu,which looks something like this:SpamAssassin is an spam filter […]

cPanel: Getting Started

cPanel is a control panel that allows for the easy management of all elements of your web hosting account. Logging in to cPanel will bring you to a screen that looks like this: Navigating is easily done in cPanel through the use of the search bar, highlighted in orange below:Let’s start off with creating additional users […]

Setting up FTP Accounts on cPanel

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client and server on a computer network.To create and set up access to FTP accounts for your domain, first login to your cPanel control panel and select FTP Accounts.In this menu, you will be given the option […]

cPanel: Setting Up Emails

Email Account ManagementTo create new email accounts in cPanel, browse to the email section of the control panel and select Email Accounts.The Email Accounts menu is for the management of email accounts, where email accounts can be created or deleted or have restrictions imposed. Click on Create to create a new email account. To change […]

Change the PHP Version for the cPanel

1. Login to your cPanel control panel2. Under Software, click MultiPHP Manager3. For this example, the current version for this domain is PHP 5.6To change the PHP Version, tick the box at the left-side of the, choose the preferred PHP Version from the drop-down menu, then click Apply

Global Email Filters in cPanel

How To Create Filter1) Login into your cPanel. 2) Choose Global Email Filters.3) Click at Create a New Filter 4) Enter the filter’s name in Filter Name.5) Configure your filter’s rules and actions. 6) Click create.