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Requesting Service Termination via Customer Portal

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This article guides you on how to request the termination of services through the Customer Portal. This termination request guide is applicable for services under the Service Identifier (SSID) and not apply for domain services. Please follow the steps below to terminate a service:


  1. Log in to the Customer Portal with your credentials.


  1. Navigate to ‘My Services in the main menu, then select the service you wish to terminate.


  1. Click on the ‘Manage’ button for the selected service.


  1. Then initiate Service Cancellation by click on the ‘Cancel Service’ button.


A confirmation message will pop up, indicating that early cancellation will be subject to IPServerOne’s terms and conditions and will be processed on a case-by-case basis. Once the request is received, the IPServerOne team will contact you. Kindly click ‘OK’ to proceed.


  1. Then please provide Cancellation Reason by choose the reason for cancelling the service from the provided options.


  1. Submit Cancellation Request by click on the ‘Request Cancellation’ button to submit your request.


  1. You will receive a confirmation message stating that your cancellation request has been received and will be processed within the next 3 working days. The message will also indicate that the status of your cancellation will remain pending until you receive an official confirmation from IPServerOne. To check the status of your request, you can email


By following these steps, you can successfully send a request the termination of your service via the Customer Portal.