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Secondary User Login in Portal and Role Details

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Welcome to our user guide on managing multiple account access in our portal. This guide is designed to assist secondary users in seamlessly navigating the portal and accessing primary users’ accounts. Whether you’re new to this feature or need a quick refresher, the following steps will ensure a smooth and efficient experience.


Accessing Primary User Accounts:

When a secondary user logs into the portal, they can navigate to the top right section and click on the Management Mode icon button.

Upon clicking on the Management Mode button, secondary users will be able to see the primary user’s name. To access the primary user’s account, simply click on the name.

Note: Secondary users may be granted access to multiple primary users’ accounts.


The following page shows that the secondary user is currently accessing a primary user’s account. To exit the primary user’s account, simply click on the [x] button.


Manager Role Abilities:

If appointed as a manager role, you gain access to “Delegate Access” on behalf of primary account to:

  • View other secondary users
  • Grant new secondary users
  • Remove secondary users on behalf of the primary


Additionally, you can:

  • View other secondary users’ roles and notification setups for email receipt
  • Manage:
    • Appointing new roles
    • Adding notification settings on your own role and other secondary users
    • Removing roles and notification settings


Role-Dependent Page Views:


The page view depends on the role assigned:



Manager Role:

This role enables users to manage secondary users on behalf of the primary account. They can:

  • View and assign roles for themselves and other secondary users.
  • Set up notifications for themselves and other secondary users.
  • View a list of services under “my services”.
  • Assist the primary account in changing name servers for domains, updating domain WHOIS information, and changing domain ownership via the portal.


Technical Role:

Users with this role can:

  • Access the “NovaCloud” feature for management purposes.
  • View a list of services.
  • Access the “Help Center” to submit inquiries or tickets via the portal.


Billing Role:

Users with this role can:

  • Access a list of services that are expiring soon or have expired for payment purposes.
  • Access “my services” and “Billing & Payment” sections.


Purchasing Role:

Users with this role can:

  • Make purchases via the Dashboard or in the “my services” section.


Visitation Role:

Users with this role can:

  • Access “my services” and the “Data Center” menu to submit visitation requests.



Navigating between multiple accounts as a secondary user is a straightforward process designed to enhance your productivity and efficiency on our platform. Remember, your ability to access and manage primary users’ accounts is an important responsibility and should be done with care. If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance. Happy managing!