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Delegate Access in Portal: Assigning Roles and Notifications to Secondary Users

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Welcome to our guide on assigning roles and permissions to secondary users in customer portal and customizing notification emails for each secondary user. This feature is designed to streamline team management by ensuring each member has the right access for their tasks and receives notifications tailored to the team or organization’s requirements. Within the portal, you can grant access to secondary users, assign specific role permissions, and set up notifications for them to receive. Simply follow the steps provided:


Step 1: Once logged in, click on your username at the top right and select “My Account” from the dropdown menu.

On the following page, select “Delegate Access”.


Step 2: Enter the email address of the secondary user you wish to grant account access to. Then, select the user’s access permissions. You can choose multiple roles and then click “Invite”.

Note: Before granting access to a secondary user, ensure the email address is registered as an account in the IPServerOne portal to ensure a smooth process. Once delegated, the account will be straightly assigned as secondary user and they will receive notification as below:

If the email address assigned does not have an account profile yet, “Access Granted” will display as “request pending”. In this case, the user needs to click the link provided in the email granting access (as below) to create an account profile.


Here are the available permissions for Secondary user roles:

  • Manager Roles
  • Technical Roles
  • Billing Roles
  • Purchasing Roles

For reference you may refer to the link: Secondary User Login in Portal and Role details


Step 3:Once access is granted, the secondary user’s name will appear on the right side of the “My Account” page along with the roles and notifications they can receive. If the notification has not yet been set up, the “View Notifications” will show “Setup Notification” in red colour.

Note: As the primary account holder, you can remove access granted by clicking on the “Remove” button.


Step 4: You may click on the button to set up the notification the user should receive or click on “View Notifications” to make changes to notifications. Notification details are listed below:


Technical Maintenance Notifications:

Stay informed about Network Maintenance, Hardware Maintenance, Data Center Maintenance, Related Infrastructure Maintenance, and Subscribed Services Maintenance.


Service Access Notifications:

Receive alerts for New Service Logins & Information, as well as Extended Service Logins & Information.


Service Notifications:

Stay updated with Service-related notifications, including renewal reminders.


Billing Notifications:

Receive Billing-related notifications such as invoice reminders.


User Management Notifications:

Stay informed about Delegate access and Requests to update profiles.



Delegating access and assigning roles is a straightforward process in our portal. It enables you to efficiently manage your team’s permissions, ensuring everyone has the necessary access to be productive. If you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions about user roles, permissions, or customized notifications, please reach out to our customer support team for assistance. We are here to ensure your experience with our portal is smooth and efficient. Thank you for choosing our services!

Note: Please refer to the Secondary User Login in Portal and Role details” section for more information on the secondary user’s role access to the primary account.