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How to Access Instance Console via Customer Portal

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Welcome to the quick start guide for accessing the console of your instances within NovaCloud. This guide is designed for users of all levels, whether you’re new to cloud computing or an experienced developer looking to manage your instances more effectively. Accessing the console of your instances is crucial for direct interaction, troubleshooting, and managing the software running on your virtual machines. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to access your instance console effortlessly.






Step 1: Once logged in, click on NovaCloud and dropdown to Instances.





Step 2: In this step, you’ll need to locate the specific instance you wish to manage. Each instance has an associated ACTIONS button. Find the instance of interest and click on the ACTIONS button to reveal a dropdown menu with various options.



Step 3: From the dropdown menu mentioned in Step 2, select the Console option. This action will open the console screen for the selected instance, allowing you to interact directly with the instance’s operating system and software.



Step 4: Upon accessing the console screen, you might need to click on the black screen area once to activate it. This click ensures that the console is ready to receive input from your keyboard, allowing you to start managing your instance directly.




Accessing the console of your instances on NovaCloud is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in just a few steps. This functionality is essential for performing direct operations, troubleshooting, and ensuring your instances run smoothly. By following this guide, you should now be able to access and interact with your instances’ consoles efficiently. Remember, managing your cloud instances effectively is key to leveraging the full power of cloud computing, and accessing the console is a fundamental skill in achieving that goal.