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How To Change Company Name in Customer Portal

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In IPServerOne Customer Portal, customers are allowed to change their company name from their respective portal account.

1- First, login to IPServerOne Customer Portal.

2-Once logged in, you may click on your username on top left and dropdown to click on My Account.  

3- On this page, continue to scroll to the bottom. 

4- Here you will find the Business Details column. To change your Business/Company Name, click on the pen icon, highlighted in the red box.

5- Proceed to change your company name and save by clicking the green tick. 

6- Next, a pop up will appear. This pop up serves as a reminder to clear any pending payment or to cancel any proforma invoices with IPServerOne, in order to change to a new company name. 

By clicking Okay, your company name will change immediately if there are no incomplete invoices detected. 

7- If business name change is unsuccessful, kindly contact our Billing department ( to check on any record of proforma invoices and further assistance.