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How to assign a new key to an instance when server access is unavailable in Hourly Cloud Instance

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At times, you may find yourself unable to access your IPServerOne Cloud Instance due to issues with your server’s access key. Whether the key is lost, compromised, or otherwise unavailable, this guide will walk you through the process of assigning a new key to your instance, ensuring you can regain access and maintain the security of your server. This process involves deleting your current instance (while preserving its data volume) and creating a new instance using the preserved volume and a new key.


  1. IPServerOne Cloud Account: You need to have an active account with IPServerOne.
  2. Existing Cloud Instance: This guide assumes you have a cloud instance already set up and are looking to regain access.
  3. New SSH Key: Ensure you have generated a new SSH key that you will assign to the new instance.

1. Login into IPServerOne Customer Portal.

2. Click on NovaCloud, and click Instances.

3. Choose the instance you wish to reset the key, and click on Action. Next, click Delete.

4. Enter your Customer Account’s password and click DELETE. When prompted, make sure to UNCHECK the option to delete the volume. This action is crucial to preserve your data and ensure the continuity of your services. This action is crucial to preserve your data and ensure the continuity of your services.

5. After the instance is deleted, click Launch Instance.

6. Click Create Instance from Volume/Snapshot.

7. Choose the plan of the instance and the volume of the previous instance. After that, input the instance name and click Continue.

8. Choose a public key for this new instance. After that, choose the preferred settings for your instance and click Create.

9. Confirm the instance’s settings and click Create.

10. After the instance created, you can use the assigned private key to login into the server.


By adhering to these steps and paying careful attention to the warnings about preserving your volume, you can successfully reassign a new key to your cloud instance, even when direct server access is unavailable. This guide ensures that your data remains secure and accessible throughout the process.

Please double-check to ensure the volume is not deleted during the instance deletion step. This precaution is vital to avoid irreversible data loss.

For additional assistance or if you encounter any issues, please contact our support team at