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How to update nameserver via customer portal

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Managing your domain name’s nameservers is now easier with IP ServerOne, allowing you to update the nameserver easily through our customer portal. Follow these simple steps to update your nameserver through our customer portal:


Step 1: Visit IP ServerOne Customer Portal and log in with your registered customer portal account credential.


Step 2: Navigate to “My Services” and select “Domain”.




Step 3: Choose the domain name you wish to modify. Click on “Manage Domain“.



Step 4: Navigate to the “Nameserver” tab.



Step 5: Click “Edit” and enter the new nameserver details.



Step 6: After updating the nameserver, click “Save”.


Step 7: A window will pop up asking for your customer portal password for verification. Enter your password and click “Update”. The new nameserver will be immediately reflected in the domain management system.




Important Note: It may take between 2 to 48  hours for DNS propagation after changing the nameserver. To avoid any potential interruptions, we recommend that the DNS zone file to be ready in the new nameserver before the changes are made, and advisable to make the changes of the nameserver after working hours.