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MYNIC Domain Lifecycle – .MY

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Active: Domain is active and working normally from the date of registration until expiry date.


Auto Renew Grace Period: Once it has expired, it will fall into Auto Renew Grace period for 40 days.

– For the first 30 days, the domain will remain active.

– The next 10 days, domain will be suspended and unable to be use.

** During this period, there will be no incurring additional fees during renewal.


Redemption Grace Period: Domain will remain suspended. If you wish to renew the domain during this period, the renewal will be included with redemption fee. (Renewal + Redemption fee)


Pending Delete: After the Redemption Grace Period, your domain name will move to the Pending Delete period for 5 days. During this period, the domain name can no longer be restored or modified.


Available: Domain has been deleted and available to public for registration