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How To Setup and Manage Auto Renewal Payment Method

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You can now save your payment details for auto renewal billing so that you don’t have to worry about missing any payments.

All this can be done through managing your payment through our “My Payment Method” page. To go to this page, go to “My Accounts” and select “My Payment Method”.

In “My Payment Method” page, you can see the list of cards that you have saved for payments, check on available service(s) tied to each card and delete payment method.


Next, we will show you how to:

  1. Add your card detail for Auto Renewal Billing from “My Payment Method” page
  2. Assign a service to a credit/debit card to set for Auto Renewal
  3. Remove service assigned for Auto Renewal

1) Add your card from “My Payment Method” page

  • In “My Payment Method” page, click add to register your card.


  • Click “I Agree”


  • Click”Proceed To Pay” to fill up card details


  • Fill in your card details.  In order to ensure the validity of your card, we will apply a charge of MYR 1.01 to it. If the card is valid, the charge will be reversed immediately



2) Assign a service to a credit/debit card to set for Auto Renewal

  • To assign a service to a credit/debit card, go to “My Products” and select desired service to assign auto renewal.


  • Click “Enable Auto Renewal”.


  • Choose the desired credit card and click “Assign”.


  • Click “Assign” and “Okay”.


3) Remove service assigned for auto renewal

  • Select the service that you want to disable for auto renewal  and click  “Manage”.


  • Click “Auto Renewal”



  • Click “Turn Off Auto Renewal” and remove.