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How To Renew Services Through Portal

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Renewals section allows you to make renewals for the nearly expiring and expired services. This section can be accessed once you have login to the portal at


Once logged in, there will be notification(s) for nearly expiring and expired services at your Dashboard. Renewal can be done by simply clicking on any of the RENEW NOW button.


* Renewal section also can be directed by clicking on account profile name at the top right side under My Renewals


Upon clicking My Renewals or RENEW NOW, you will be able to see the list of services expiring soon, or already expired. Simply click on the “+” button if you have only one service to be renewed.


If you have multiple renewals and would like to renew them simultaneously, add more “+” button for services that you wish to renew.


The amount to be paid will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. You may click PROCEED TO PAYMENT button to check out.


You may select your payment method and click on Proceed to Pay to perform your payment.

*Service will be renewed upon successful payment and notification will be sent to your email for renewal update confirmation.