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How to Extend Cloud Volume in Portal

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Expanding the storage capacity of your cloud instance can be a critical operation as your data grows or your application requirements change. Our customer portal provides a straightforward process for extending the volume of your instance, ensuring you have the space you need without unnecessary downtime. This guide will lead you through the necessary steps to safely increase your volume size through the NovaCloud section of the customer portal.




  • Before extending your volume, login to the customer portal and navigate to the NovaCloud and click dropdown on Instances.
  • From there, select the region where your instance is located and select the particular instance that you want to resize.

NOTE: Please make sure that your instance has been stopped before extending the volume

  • To stop your instance, choose the instance you want to extend its volume, drop-down on Actions button and click the Stop button.

  • Once you have stopped the instance, you may proceed to extend its volume.




Step 1: Click on Volumes and find your instance name, proceed to Actions button and click on Extend.

Step 2: Enter the new volume size you wanted and click the Resize button. The effect shall take place after 15 minutes of input.


After completing these steps, your instance’s volume will be extended to the specified size, giving you additional space to work with. It’s important to monitor your instance after resizing to ensure it’s running as expected. Should you have any inquiries of the guidelines, please feel free to open a ticket through your portal account or contact us at +603 – 2026 1688. We’ll be happy to assist you further