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FAQ on NameServers

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1- What is a nameserver?

Nameserver serves as a pointer for domain names and IP addresses to link together. 

Nameserver works as a linkage for numerical IP addresses (the computer language) to the URL we understand (our language).

eg. Nameservers allow 123.456.7.8 (IP Address) to resolve to (URL) .

URL acts as a facade to IP Address, for visitors to find the website/email easier. All this can be easily sorted when nameservers are pointed/linked to one another.


2- Why do I need a nameserver when purchasing a domain?

Nameserver is the one that binds your URL and website together. Without it, your website/email will not associate itself to the domain name you have purchased. 

IPServerOne offers DNS Hosting Plan alongside purchase of domain as a support to DNS management. 

It allows you to manage (add, edit or delete) your DNS records for the domain name. 


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