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Dedicated Server

First, you must select the server location. There are two server locations provided: Malaysia and Singapore.Select the required plan. Then, you will be directed to the server configuration page. On the server configuration page, select:• Billing Cycle• Operating System• Control Panel• Remote Backup (optional)• Enhance Network Security (optional)• Virtual Private Network (optional)• Content Delivery Network (optional)• […]

Cloud Platform

IPServerOne provides top-up system Cloud Hosting which enables you to spend only based on your needs;To get started, you are required to Top Up your Cloud Platform. Select the amount that is required and make payment.Once top-up is done, click on Create Instance.Notes: To determine your estimated cost before topping up, you can click on […]

Email Hosting

Select your preferred email hosting plan by clicking on the Select Plan. Then, select the Billing Cycle and Domain Name for the email hosting. You can choose to enable yourexisting domain by selecting “Use my existing domain” option, or register a new domain name.Once you have finalized your selections, click on Checkout.

Shared Hosting

You can choose your preferred billing cycle option from 1 up to 5 years.Next, you can choose between using an existing domain and click Confirm & Continue or register a new domain name by searching for domain availability in the search bar and click on [+] on the selected domain name.You can Checkout once order […]

Domain Registration

To register a new domain name, you can check the availability of it in the search field.Only available domains will be shown in the result field as shown below. You can click on [+] button to add the chosen domain to the cart. Multiple domain selections is also available. The domains selected will show up […]

Active Products

Under Active Products section, you can manage services by selecting the category and then selecting the particular service that you want to manage. Then, click on Manage. Then, you are able to renew or check the details of the selected product. To renew, simply click on the Renew button.Notes: Active services that are not about to expire can […]