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Smart Hand Services

Smart hand services allow you to request for IPServerOne’s assistance in troubleshooting and 3rd party software installation. There are 1 hour Smart Hand Service. If you require more than 1 hour of Smart Hand Services, kindly contact 1: Select the preferred package.Step 2: Check out once order selection has been made. 

Inactive Products

Under Inactive Products section, you can manage expired products by selecting the product category and then selecting the particular product that you want to manage. Then, click on Manage.After that, you can request for a renewal or check the details of the selected product. To request for a renewal, simply click on Contact Us For Renewal […]

Need Help & Support Category

To access Need Help Section, the button is located on the left side menu of the portal.To access our knowledge base, you can select the intended category.You can view Frequently Asked Questions which is located below support categories.If you are unable to find the answers to your inquiry, raise a ticket to our Support, Sales […]

Pending Payment

Billing & payment allows you to access the details of your Pending Payment and Transaction History. Step 1: In the Pending Payment section, you can View Details, Download and make Payment.Step 2: By clicking +Select All button, you can make payment for all current pending invoices/proforma invoices. Additionally, you can also search for the required […]

Remote Backup

Backup solutions are available for you to have additional backup storage for your hosting. Step 1: Select the required plan.Step 2: For Installation Assistance, you can select the option “IPServerOne will install the remote back up on my behalf”. Then, key in your details as per requested.Step 3: Check out once order selection has been completed.


Step1: Insert the existing domain name to ensure that the SSL cert will be installed on the domain name chosen. Step2: Select the type of SSL Certificate required.• Alpha SSL: Can be used only for one domain name such as• Wildcard SSL: Secures all the subdomains like or For Installation Assistance, you can […]

Dedicated Server

First, you must select the server location. There are two server locations provided: Malaysia and Singapore.Select the required plan. Then, you will be directed to the server configuration page. On the server configuration page, select:• Billing Cycle• Operating System• Control Panel• Remote Backup (optional)• Enhance Network Security (optional)• Virtual Private Network (optional)• Content Delivery Network (optional)• […]

Cloud Platform

IPServerOne provides top-up system Cloud Hosting which enables you to spend only based on your needs;To get started, you are required to Top Up your Cloud Platform. Select the amount that is required and make payment.Once top-up is done, click on Create Instance.Notes: To determine your estimated cost before topping up, you can click on […]