Discontinuation of Shared Hosting Service: Status Update

Following our announcement on the discontinuation of the shared hosting service effective 31st Dec 2023, customers may choose to upgrade or terminate the shared hosting service status via our customer portal. **Note: We will suggest customers update the hosting service status as soon as they can to prevent any service disruption.   Here are the

Setting up Two-Factor Authentication on Portal

Introducing an extra layer of security to our customer portal login process with the implementation of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest level of security for our customers, we have implemented 2FA to help prevent malicious actors from gaining unauthorized access to your accounts. Here is the guideline

MYNIC: Appoint New Invoicing Party for .MY Domain Name

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to appoint a new Invoicing Party for the .MY Domain Registry (MYNIC). Step 1: Log on to https://selfcare.ichoose.my/login and enter your Username and Password Step 2: Once logged in, on the left panel click on Domains, then insert the domain name and click on the Search button. Alternatively, you may

Create Cloud Credit Alarm for Top Up Reminder

This Cloud Credit Alarm feature is designed to allow the user to create an alarm to serve as a reminder for cloud credit top-up.   Note: Create a threshold amount for your instances based on your preference. Once the threshold is reached, the alarm will be triggered, and an email notification will be sent to

Upgrade or Downgrade on IPServerOne DNS Hosting Plan

This is a guide for those who already subscribed to IP ServerOne DNS Hosting Plan and wish to (A) upgrade or (B) downgrade a hosting plan.    A) Upgrade a DNS Hosting Plan 1) Log in to IPServerOne customer portal at https://portal.ipserverone.com 2) Once logged in, click on “Cloud Platform” at the left panel menu and drop

How To Update Customer Profile

For new or recurring customers, each of them requires an account in IPServerOne portal to purchase IPServerOne services. To complete a purchase, a customer is required to fill in a complete profile. This guide is for those who are looking to change their profile information.   1- To update account profile on IPServerOne portal, let’s