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How to view e-mail message headers in Outlook 2010

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About message headers

After you compose a message and send it, the message is processed by the e-mail server at your Internet service provider (ISP). If the message is for someone who does not have a mailbox on your e-mail server, the server forwards the message to another e-mail server. The message is forwarded from server to server. It may go through several e-mail servers until it reaches the e-mail server on which the recipient of the message has a mailbox.

From the time when the message is first created, information about it is added to a hidden section of the message known as the Internet header. The information includes technical details, such as who created the message, the software used to compose it, and the e-mail servers it passed through on its way to the recipient. You can use these details to identify problems with the e-mail message or help discover the sources of unsolicited commercial e-mail messages.

View message headers

1)   Open the mail that you want to view the message header, click “File


2)   After that, select info then click “Properties


3)   The properties box will appear and find the Internet headers and copy the contents and send to us.