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How to Upload Files Using Filezilla on Windows

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Step 1: Open FileZilla Client

Note: You can download the FileZilla client from Client Download.

Step 2: Fill in the FTP host, username and password, then click on “Quickconnect”, it will show as the picture above.

Panel 1. local PC directory
Panel 2. hosting server directory
Panel 3. files inside local PC particular directory
Panel 4. files inside hosting server particular directory

There are 2 ways to upload the files to our hosting server:

i. Drag and drop: set the hosting server directory (under httpdocs folder) at panel 2, drag the file from your local PC and drop the files which you wish to upload to panel 4.

ii. Double click: set the local PC directory at panel 1 and set the server directory at panel 2 and double click files from panel 3, it will auto-upload the files to our server, you will see that file will show on panel 4.