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How to setup FileZilla server on Windows

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Step 1: Start off by grabbing the server at

Step 2: After download, you may install the using the standard settings as suggested by the installer

Note: FileZilla will install a service that runs whenever Windows boots up, hence if you want the FTP to run manually, you need to select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu as below:


Step 3: Once the installation is done, the FileZilla interface will automatically open (*since we choose that option during the installation). Just click Connect when the below windows pop up.


Step 4: Now we can specify a directory as an FTP directory. If the directory is not created yet, then we need to create a folder where we want the FTP share to be.

For this tutorial, we will use the folder named “FTP”. The location will be at C:\Users\IPS1\Desktop\FTP.

Now, go to Edit and click Users, then click Shared folders as below.


Click at the Add button underneath the Users section. Enter the username, then click OK

Now, underneath the Shared Folders section, click at the Add button. A window will pop up, now click at the FTP folder and click OK.

Now you need to assign the user permission to the repository. Just check at the buttons as shown below.

Once you are done, click at the OK button.


Securing the FTP Server

There are few ways to secure your FTP Server:

  1. Use a strong password for every user.
  2. Change the port that FileZilla listens on. To do this, go Edit >> Settings. Under General Settings, you will see “Listen on these ports”. You can change from the usual FTP port to others then click OK.
  3. You can also specify the known IP address that will connect to your server. To do this, simply go to the IP Filter option under General Settings.