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How to Purchase SSL From Customer Portal

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Purchasing an SSL Certificate is crucial for securing your website, ensuring data encryption, and building trust with your visitors. This guide provides a simplified, step-by-step process to acquire an SSL Certificate through the IPSERVERONE customer portal.


  • Active IPSERVERONE customer account
  • Domain name ownership


1. Once logged in, click on My Services and drop-down to click New Order.

2. In the following page, select SSL service.

3. Select the type of SSL Certificate required.

Alpha SSL: Can be used only for one domain name such as
Wildcard SSL: Secures all the subdomains like or

After selecting your desired plan, click Next.

4. Insert the domain name to ensure that the SSL cert will be installed on the domain name chosen. Next fill up the details required in order for us to assist with the SSL installation.

5. Click on the Add to Cart and View Cart.


6. Ensure the domain name and desired SSL certificate is correct.

7. Check out and proceed with the payment.

8. Our SSL specialist will assist with the installation once order is received.



Following these steps will ensure a smooth acquisition of an SSL Certificate, enhancing your website’s security and integrity.

For additional assistance or if you encounter any issues, please contact our support team at