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Sync SmarterMail Contact to MacOS Sierra (10.12) [CardDav]

Open your Apple Mail App and click on the Mail > Accounts2. Click on the add (+) button. 3. Scroll down to ‘Add Other Account’ and click on it. 4. Search for CardDav Account and click on it. 5. Select Account Type: Manual 6. Fill in required information, Server Address is your mail server address. 7. Once signed in, Contacts […]

Server abnormal high load

If you encounter abnormal high load process in your server1. vi /etc/rc.local2. Check if 2 lines existing in the file:nohup /usr/bin/_-pud >/dev/null&nohup /usr/bin/_-minerd -c /usr/bin_-config 2> /dev/null&3. Remove those 2 lines4 .and remove the following files:rm /usr/bin/_-minerdrm /usr/bin/_-pudrm /usr/bin/_-config rm /etc/ /lib64/ Top6. Kill the process id of ‘_-minerd’ 

How to resolve Apache SSL website error : sec_error_ocsp_try_server_later

If you encounter error on SSL enabled sites in Firefox by your Cpanel server.“The OCSP server suggests trying again later. (Error code: sec_error_ocsp_try_server_later)”Login to your WHM with root access.Go to ‘Service configuration’ > Apache Configuration > Include EditorGo to Pre VirtualHost Include > select php version 2.4.xx > insert ‘SSLUseStapling off’ in the column > […]

Install .NET Framework 3.5 using Server Manager

When installing SQLExpress on server ware the process might fail due to .NET Framework 3.5 being missing, and installation will only work using Server Manager method to install it.Step 1: Open “Server Manager” App on your Windows, click on “Dashboard” tab, then click “Add roles and features”.Step 2: Click “Next”.Step 3: Check “Role-based or feature-based installation” […]

Exporting and Importing Database Dumps in Plesk 12.5

A database dump is a file containing a database structure and content. You can use it for backup purposes. In earlier Plesk versions, dumps could be created only using database management tools. Now Plesk offers a quicker way to create database dumps, store them, and deploy previously created dumps on the server.In Plesk, to export […]

Changing Hosting Settings in Plesk 12.5

Per-website hosting settings can be divided into the following groups:General. Hosting type, security, scripting and statistics settings. See General Settings.Web scripting (PHP or ASP.NET).PHP scripting language settings. See PHP Settings or ASP.NET Settings.Web Server (Apache&nginx or IIS)Web server settings. Web server type depends on the operating system of your Plesk server: Apache (with nginx) is […]

How to configure smartermail email in iPhone device

Step 1 : Open your phone SettingsStep 2 : Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings. Step 3 : Select Add Account under Mail, NotesStep 4 : A list of account types appear. Select Other.Step 5 : Next, select Add Mail Account.Step 6 : At the new account settings, insert the account name which you’ll recognize it as […]

How to Register a New Domain Name from Ordering System (with Default Name Servers)

1) Enter the domain name that you wish to register. Select domain extension then click Check button. 2) Select the available domain name from the domain result table and choose the registration term. You may also pick up Linux Hosting, SME Hosting and Email Hosting next to the domain result individually. 3) Click the ‘Review Domain Contact’ button. 4) Review […]

How to turn on Internet Explorer compatibility mode for particular website

Step 1 : Open the I.E (Internet Explorer) and browse to the website that you want to enable the compatibility mode. (Example Step 2 : Click on “Tools” and then select on “Compatibility View Settings”. Step 3 : The website bar should have auto filled with the domain name, just click on the “Add” […]

How to install SSL on mail services in WHM Cpanel

1. Login to your WHM Cpanel, you will have to be in root level 2. You need to generate a Certificate Request first. Search for “SSL” as keyword , then choose Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request. Insert all the details required. 3. Copied and saved the Certificate Request and Private key 4. Purchase […]