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How to turn on Internet Explorer compatibility mode for particular website

Step 1 : Open the I.E (Internet Explorer) and browse to the website that you want to enable the compatibility mode. (Example Step 2 : Click on “Tools” and then select on “Compatibility View Settings”. Step 3 : The website bar should have auto filled with the domain name, just click on the “Add” […]

How To Extend Partition In Windows Server 2008

When you upgrade your cloud hosting, IPServerOne will extend the VM’s harddisk for you and it is your responsibility to extend the Window’s logical partition in order to use the newly added disk space. Step 1 – Connect and login into your Windows server using Remote Desktop. Step 2 – Go to Server Manager, the […]

How To Import Existing Resources Into An Account In WebsitePanel

Step 1 – Login into WebsitePanel with ServerAdmin account. Step 2 – click on “All Customers”.   Step 3 – Click on the username that you wish to import the resources into.   Step 4 – Click on “Spaces”.   Step 5 – Click on the user’s spaces to show the resources the user has. […]

How To Add New Domain In cPanel

If you have bought a new domain and would like to use it with your web server, you need to add the domain into your web server first. But before that, you need to ensure the domain’s DNS is already pointed at or pointing to your web server. Step 1 – Login into cPanel. Step […]

How To Filter And Move Spam Into Spam Folder In SquirrelMail

Step 1 – Login into SquirrelMail. Step 2 – Click “Folder”. Step 3 – Create a folder named “Spam”.   Step 4 – You will see the following message if you have successfully created the folder. Step 5 – Click “Options”. Step 6 – Click “Message Filtering”.   Step 7 – Select “Only unread messages” […]

How can I prevent my mail from being classified as spam?

1) Don’t use a fake address, that’s reeks of spam     – Always send an email from a valid email address which able to receive and send email instead of using a script to generate one.  2) Set up DomainKeys for your domain     – refer to here to setup DKIM in Directadmin  3) Set up SPF for your […]

How to Add an unsubscribe Link to your Newsletter

Select the text you want to use as hyperlink. Click on the “Add Hyperlink” icon. Now change the type to “mailto:”. Enter the URL. This should be mailto: followed by your list email and the subject keyword to unsubscribe. Sample: Lets say the email address of your list is yourlist@yourdomain.tld and the unsubscribe keyword is […]

Directadmin: Remove A Domain

This article will show you how to setup a domain in DirectAdmin Login to your DirectAdmin panel at http://ipaddress:2222   2.  Under Your Account click on Domain Setup   3.  The following screen will display your current domains. Click Select and then click the Delete button to delete your domain.