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How to Initiate Domain Ownership Transfer

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  1. Login to IP Serverone customer portal.
  2. Navigate to the left-side menu and click on “My Product”. 
  3. Click on “Domains”

4. Then, select the domain name you wish to transfer to new party. Click on “Manage”to proceed.

NOTE: You are allowed to initiate ownership transfer request under “ACTIVE” list only.5. Click on “More”

6. Click on “Transfer Account Ownership”

7. You as the requester (the person who initiates the domain ownership transfer), will need to fill in the receiver’s particulars as requested in the form. Click “Create”button once you have filled the form with complete and accurate details.

8. In this step, the request has been created. Click “Okay”


9. The new owner will receive a notification email as below to notify about the ownership transfer request.


10. In the meantime, you as the requester will receive an email as per below which notifies you that the domain ownership transfer has been initiated. NOTE: This transfer will expire within 5 days if the recipient does not accept the transfer.

11. On the other hand, the recipient is able to view the request by clicking on the “Review Request” button.

12. New recipient has to click on “Accept” button if they agree to accept the ownership.

13. New recipient has to agree to the terms & conditions of IP Serverone before clicking on “Complete Transfer” button.

14. The ownership transfer request is successful. New owner is able to view the domain name that had been transferred under “My Products >> Domain” at the left-side menu in customer dashboard.

15. The requester will also receive an email which notifies on the successful transfer of the domain ownership. If the domain is no longer listed in your active products, it means that the domain has been successfully transferred out.