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How do I transfer a top level domain (TLD) to IP ServerOne?

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This is a simple step to transferring a top-level domain name (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .asia, etc) from your current registrar or reseller company to IP ServerOne. Before starting the process of transferring, kindly ensure that you have at least 10 days prior to the domain’s expiration date. Here are the tasks you need to complete for a successful transfer:


  1. Request current registrar or reseller to unlock domain name status (change status domain to active), disable whois privacy and get the EPP code (Authentication code)
  • After the details complete, please email to to request the domain name transfer
  • The domain name will be added to your existing company in our billing records or if you do not have an existing account in IP ServerOne, you may create it with simple steps via IP ServerOne customer portal at by click on the create account
  • Once get the customer ID, please provide it to us
  • Another option, you may provide us the details in order us to help manual create the account profile for you: Contact name, Company name, Company Reg. No, Full Address, Contact number, and Email address
  • The domain name will automatically be renewed another year by the new registrar, thus IP ServerOne will invoice a 1-year renewal fee.
  1. Initiate domain name transfer and approval steps
  • Once IP ServerOne initiated the domain name transfer, the admin email address will receive the approval email from the new registrar and compulsory to approve it within 5 days. Therefore please ensure the current admin email address is valid.
  • Once approved, the process will take in 5 to 10 working days to complete
  • You may request from the current registrar to approve the domain name transfer to expedite the process.