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How To Import .ical To Google Calendar

Step 1: On Google Calendar, go to Settings.   Step 2: Click on Calendars links.   Step 3: Click on Import calendar links.   Step 4: Choose .ics file that you download from our portal. Then click on Import button.   Step 5: Import is successful.  

How To Use Expired Services Calendar

Overview Expired Services Calendar is a widget in our customer portal that list all of your service expiry date. You also can export this calendar to Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar, Apple Calendar and partially by Microsoft Outlook.   To import to another calendar, you need to download .ics file first. Click Export Expired Services Calendar button to download .ics […]

How To Enforce SSL or HTTPS Using .htaccess And mod_rewrite

If your website deals with important informations such as credit card numbers or any real life personal information and/or has money based transaction and payment, it is best to ensure your visitors are browsing your site over a secure connection. An easy way to ensure your visitors’ connection to your website is secured, you can […]

How to redirect user from HTTP to HTTPS

If you have subscribed SSL and wondering when users surf the website it does not show HTTPS, do not worry, the HTTPS is there, you just have to redirect HTTP to HTTPS. Simply follow the steps below to redirect users to SSL page. P/S: You have to ensure that Apache is configured for HTTPS connection […]

How to add Frame Forwarding to your website

1.) If you wish to preview your site as another site without redirecting the site, you may add the frame forwarding to your website hosting. To do that, create an index.html file and add the following lines into the file. <html><head><title>Title of your webpage</title></head> <frameset cols="*"> <frame name="main" src="" scrolling="auto" noresize> <noframes> <body>   Your […]

How to increase max_input_vars value for your web directory

The Problem: If you are using web applications such as prestashop or magento, it is common that you encounter error like below: Warning: your hosting provider limits the maximum number of fields to post in a form: 1000 for max_input_varsWarning: your hosting provider limits the maximum number of fields to post in a form: 1000 […]

How to check your website loading speed with Google Chrome browser

The website loading speed can be vary based on the quality of the bandwidth service your ISP provide. But if you wish to check the loading speeding of the website at you site, here’s the way to find out. 1. Before you start the test, please clean the Google Chrome’s cache and history in order […]

What to do if Domain is not accessible

Unable to browse to your domain/website? You start up your computer where everything seems to be fine. You open a web browser and try to access to your domain (the website), and you found that it’s not accessible or with the error ‘Page Not Found’. Follow steps below to check on the issue. 1.) Try […]

How to add favicon for your website

1. Upload your icon image file to your hosting root (public_html, wwwroot, httpdocs), and make sure its able to be viewed using browser. example: 2. Add in code below in your index file: <link rel="icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" /> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" /><link rel="icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" /> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" /> […]